Welcome to ADAM Network! (Under construction)

23 04 2007

LATEST UPDATE: We have resumed our uploads, but have decided to temporarily upload them all to megaupload since we cannot find a stable file host.

Hello everyone! Welcome to Asian Drama And Movie Network, or otherwise appreviated as ADAM Network! Here you can get links to various asian dramas and movies and their related media.

-Please read the FAQ page to get the best out of ADAM Network if you are visiting ADAM Network for the first time.

-Should you experience any technical difficulty, please do view the Technical Support (T.S.) page.

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Let us reupload files for you when they expire!

If you have recently uploaded a video file and do not wish to keep reuploading it when it expires, post it in the Share page and when your file has expired, we will gladly reupload it for you! In this way, you won’t have to store the files in your hard disc in case you need to reupload in the future because we will do it for you!

Having problems downloading from other servers/websites?

Let us download and reupload it for you! Post the link in the Share page, specify where you want it (if there is no server specified, we will upload it to Megaupload by default) and wait for your reuploaded file!

We welcome help of any kind!

-It’s only fair to give back to the community if you use links from ADAM Network. Since there are many files with only one link, these links either expire or others cannot download from these links due to limited download slots. Please do upload the files to another host to create a mirror so that others who cannot download from the main link have another alternative link!

-If you have any new drama and movie links, please do share it with the community in the Share page!

Please do credit and put a link back to ADAM Network should you download from or post our links!